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Текст песни Eminem — Slim Shady (Intro)

Eminem — Slim Shady (Intro) слова

«Hahaha. Wake the fuck up, motherfucker.»
«What do you want from me?!»
«Hahahaha. Remember me?»
«I killed you!»
«You thought I was dead, didn’t you?»
«What do you want from me?!»
«I’m alive…»
«Oh, God…»
«Get up.»
«Get up and look in the mirror.»
«I don’t want to!»
«Look in the mirror, it’s just a reflection. Haha»
«Leave me alone!!!»
«Look in the mirror! You’re nothing! You’re nothing without me! Look in the motherfucking mirror!»
«Leave me alone!!! Leave me the fuck alone!!!»
[Eminem punches the mirror, breaking it.]


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