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Текст песни American Folk — PINERY BOY

American Folk — PINERY BOY слова

“O father, O father, build me a boat
Then down the Wisconsin I may float
And every raft that I pass by
There I will inquire for my sweet pinery boy”

As she was rowing down the stream
She saw three rafts all in the string
And she hailed the pilot as they passed by
And there did she inquire for her sweet pinery boy

“O pilot, O pilot, tell me true
Is my sweet Willie among your crew?
O tell me quick and give me joy
For none other will I have but my sweet pinery boy”

“O, auburn was the colour of his hair
And his eyes were blue and his cheeks were fair
And his lips were of a ruby fine
Ten thousand times they’ve met with mine”

“O dear, dear lady, he is not here
He has drowned in the dells, I fear
‘Twas at Lone Rock as we passed by
O there is where we left your sweet pinery boy”

She wrung her hands and tore her hair
Just like a lady in grave despair
She rowed her boat against Lone Rock
For a pinery boy her heart was broke

“Dig me a grave both long and deep,
Place a marble slab at my head and feet;
And on my breast a turtle dove
To let the world know that I died for love.
And at my feet a spreading oak
To let the world know that my heart was broke.”


Слова песен исполнителя American Folk
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